What We Offer

"We provide a helping hand – advising you and making the process as clear and objective as possible. That way you’re in the best position to make smart decisions – the ones that will make your money grow and protect what is important to you."

We understand that every staff member in your business is important. However there may be some people who are critical to its success. Key Person Insurance can help to protect your business if you lose a critical person and can reduce the financial impact on revenue, expenses, relationships and contacts of such a loss.

Life Insurance ensures big debts can be paid and immediate costs covered if the worst happens. It can also provide an ongoing income in the form of regular payments to your family when you are gone. Trauma Insurance gives you peace of mind if you suffer one of a number of specified serious illnesses or injuries, such as a stroke, cancer or a heart attack.

KiwiSaver is an effective way to save for your retirement. We can help with: The amount you wish to contribute  The fund best suited to your needs  The best KiwiSaver provider for you We can also offer advice to: *Employers* – Employers often require guidance on what is best for their staff. We can help with this process.

The Rothbury Nelson office was established 1 February 2018.   Our relationship with Rothbury Nelson Insurance Brokers enables us to focus on customer service and new clients. With the help of Rothbury Nelson we can insure a variety of items from commercial assets through to Private Home, Contents and Motor Vehicles.

We can help you obtain Medical Insurance that covers things such as private hospital stays, specialist visits and diagnostic testing including CT and MRI scans. We offer a choice of medical health insurers that provide the best possible policy wordings, competitive pricing and a choice of excess options to suit your needs.

Income Protection Insurance can provide you with a regular income if you are unable to work due to sickness and injury until you can return to work.  It can help ensure your bills can be paid and makes sure your current standard of living isn’t seriously compromised.

The last thing you want to see is your home slip out of your hands if for some reason you can’t meet your mortgage repayments.   We offer a range of options for Mortgage Protection Insurance to ensure a certain outcome in the event of something unforeseen occurring in relation to your earning capacity.

Our Services

We provide a range of services to new and existing clients.

Key person & protection

Life & Trauma Insurance


Fire & General Insurance

Medical Insurance

Income Protection

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