Every staff member in your business is important.

We understand that every staff member in your business is important.

However there may be some people who are critical to its success. Key Person Insurance can help to protect your business if you lose a critical person and can reduce the financial impact on revenue, expenses, relationships and contacts of such a loss.

If a shareholder unexpectedly dies or becomes permanently disabled questions arise around continuity and what will happen to their business/client base. The main purpose of Key Person/Shareholder Insurance is to provide some certainty to the business owner that their business can be sold for a pre-agreed price and ensure that funding for the sale is available by way of insurance.

Another risk faced by business owners who are key to generating revenue, is that if they become disabled their income may cease but in the short term fixed business expenses continue (such as lease commitments and salaries).

Without appropriate Business Risk Insurance in place, the business owner can end up having to make decisions regarding on-going overheads that may not be prudent in the long term.

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